Internal Medicine Foundation (IMF)

The Center for Haitian Studies, Health & Human Services, Inc. (CHS), in collaboration, with its academic affiliates, offers an excellent opportunity to local, national and international medical students, medical residents, student nurses, student medical assistant and nurse practitioner students to obtain culturally competent educational experiences.

(The Internal Medicine Foundations (IMF) Program)

The Center for Haitian Studies/Greater Miami Health Education and Training Center (CHS/GMHETC) sponsors a 6-week  program for 2nd Year medical students. This program is designed to introduce medical students to clinical medicine. The program offers an excellent opportunity for medical students to develop clinical skills and to learn about culturally competent approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases among patients from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Purpose and Objectives:

This program is designed to introduce students to the practice of medicine.  At the end of the six week training course, the medical student will:

  1. have learned patient interview and physical examination techniques, and have obtained basic skills in conducting physical examinations and writing patient reports;
  2. be informed about culturally competent approaches to diagnosing patients’ problems and providing care and treatment.

Program components:

Clinical Training: Under the Program, students are placed in CHS/GMHETC-affiliated sites (hospitals/outpatient clinics) under the supervision of qualified physicians licensed to practice medicine in the State of Florida. At these sites, students interact with patients, and conduct physical examinations under the supervision of attending physicians.

Lectures/Conferences: Students are also required to attend conferences and lectures as part of their clinical training. These lectures may cover special medical cases, integrating clinical skills and knowledge of basic sciences, as well as presentations by students and group discussions.


At the end of the training period, physicians/instructors who have trained students evaluate trainees’ performance.


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