Medical Clerkships

Center for Haitian Studies, Health & Human Services (CHS)/Greater Miami Health Education & Training Center Medical Clerkship Program

Medical Clerkships: The Center for Haitian Studies, Health & Human Services (CHS), in collaboration with The Jackson Health System (JHS) offers medical clerkships in various medical specialties and subspecialties. CHS offers these clinical rotations to medical students from international medical schools that meet the criteria for medical clerkships under the laws of the State of Florida and are certified by the State of Florida. Students are placed in JHS hospitals and in outpatient clinical settings.

CHS currently provides clerkship experiences to students from St. Georges University Medical School (SGU) and from The American University of The Caribbean (AUC).

For more information, please contact CHS, located at 8260 N.E. 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33138 or call (305) 757-9555.

Director of Medical Education (D.M.E.) / CHS Medical Director:
Michel Dodard, MD, FAAFP

Program Administrator:
Larry Pierre, MD, MPH

CHS is featured on Miamigration, a website dedicated to showing the New Miami as defined through the immigrant experience.

The Center for Haitian Studies in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami aims to serve the city’s underserved Haitian immigrants population. The clinic not only provides health services free of charge, but also provides patients with a culturally sensitive atmosphere. The clinic will accept, respect, and take care of anyone who needs medical attention.

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